Mark Ford - Dunedin real estate agent only 1.5% commission

Mark Ford

Mark Ford
Sales Consultant - Dunedin & Mosgiel
Introducing Mark Ford:

Now into my 6th year with Total Realty in Dunedin and over 10 Years in Real Estate having sold hundreds of properties in Dunedin.

Blessed with having enjoyed many happy years experience in both sales and marketing and I do understand the stress of buying and selling properties. 

I consider myself very much a happy people person and with my straight talking and honest outlook in my role as sales consultant, I’m always happy to discuss and help with my clients needs.

Competition in any market place is a must and personally I have always believed in Total Realty’s  quality service at low fees  approach.  

Of course I am always happy to discuss the sale of your property and look forward to adding you to my returning client database!

Call me today to discuss how you can also benefit from our affordable service that delivers the same consistent level of commitment and success at low fees in Dunedin.



23 May 2019

“Total Realty and Mark were highly recommended. Mark is very approachable and easy to speak to and this helped when making the decision to sell with Total Realty.”

M Jenkins

18 May 2019

“Mark was very mindful of our complicated personal circumstances, he showed lots of compassion and understanding through all communications.”

C & S Johnstone

3 Apr 2019

“Mark sold another house for me and I was very happy with his efficiency, integrity, and his professional manner. I have recommended him to others who feel the same. I think Total Realty is up to date by using online methods over expensive paper advertising. This helps keep the costs down and reaps a great result. Thank you.”

B Reid

29 Mar 2019

“This is the second home we have sold with Total Realty over the years. Buying and selling homes can be a stressful time, however both times we have dealt with this company, the process was easy and we were kept in the loop at all times. The agent keeps things real, and he is so easy to talk with. I have recommended this company to many people, and will continue to do so. Thank you so much.”

N & M Smales

13 Feb 2019

“This is the third time we have worked with Mark, so we knew we were in good hands. Marks's exceptional service and attention to detail make selling your home both a pleasant and easy experience. Mark always goes above and beyond and kept us in the loop every step of the way. We will happily recommend and use his services again in the future. Thanks again for another successful sale.”

G & R Rodger

5 Feb 2019

“We found Mark really easy to deal with and straight up. Professional appraisal and although the fees are lower the service definitely isn’t and would be a pleasure to use Mark again.”

A & A Colquhoun

3 Feb 2019

“Easy. Mark kept us informed every step of the way. If we emailed him about anything he would reply almost immediately. He put us his vendor first every step of the way and got us an awesome result.”

B Puna

28 Jan 2019

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made to work with Mark. He is absolutely brilliant. Awesome result for our family. Very fair commission but 5 stars service. Mark is a professional salesperson, he worked very hard all the way through and kept us updated all the time. They took great photos for our home and made sure to get the very best price for us. Very efficient, easy to work with and we are so glad to go with him. Highly recommended. Cheers Mark”

P Symons

14 Jan 2019

“Excellent service from Mark. He went out of his way to market and get the best price for our property. Mark always kept in touch throughout the process. Even when he was on holiday he was still working to sell our house. We would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking at selling. Mark came across as a genuine, honest, friendly and caring person.”

D Anderson & I Greig

9 Jan 2019

“I’ve known Mark for a while through house hunting and selling. Honest, down to earth and genuine guy. Mark made everything a breeze!”

J Bennett

12 Nov 2018

“Mark was easy to deal with, took care of everything, and kept me fully informed every step of the way.”

W Ouwen

6 Nov 2018

“Mark was amazing. He went above and beyond when it came to listing my house. I was needing to get the house on the market quickly and he was very proactive in helping me get it ready while I was at work. He also negotiated with the buyers as much as he could to get me the best price for the house when the LIM and builders report came back with issues in them.”

N Sayer

1 Oct 2018

“Stress free, no pressure and sold it the way we wanted”

N Kinghorn & E Parkes

26 Jun 2018

“Mark was simply outstanding from day 1. He is organised and meticulous with the updates. You go off knowing that we are not just another number, but we are well looked after in the selling process. Mark is definitely few of the exemplary agents out there and trust me... I have met some horrible ones! Keep up the good work, Mark and Total Realty.”


30 May 2018

“Mark is a decent and down to earth individual, he can enjoy a laugh with you but has great professionalism when it's crunch time. His evaluation on your house will be spot on for that current market. I can not suggest Mark any more for selling your home, he is quick on responses and has the ability to relate to people from all walks of life.”

M Windle

27 May 2018

“Mark had great communication from the start. Overall his performance and service was outstanding, and the sale price exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommended Mark to anyone else.”

P Currie

28 Apr 2018

“Mark was always on time. Positive at all times & very reassuring. We had been in our home for over 46 years & he really appreciated how we were feeling. I also liked how he asked us what we thought was the best thing about our home. Mark also got the price he said he would, which we were astounded & thrilled with.”

K & T Ritchie

11 Apr 2018

“Mark was basically a real pleasure to work with. He always responded promptly to our queries and I believe showed integrity in the selling of our house.”

H & S Kitahara

4 Apr 2018

“My experience was good from the day we meet until the day we sold 3 weeks later. Mark kept us informed through the process and was honest and up front.”

M Hayward & J Hayward

16 Mar 2018

“Mark is a genuine person who we related to from the start. The process was quick and relatively easy. Communication was excellent and would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Barrie & Johanna Johnston

7 Mar 2018

“When Mark came to see me, he wasn't pushy, he was completely honest and I felt absolutely no pressure to sign up with him unlike other estate agents. I was selling my mothers flat because she had moved into a rest home so I was feeling pretty emotional and he totally made me feel at ease. I signed up and was totally impressed with Marks service, his total continuing communication and he was quite honestly so great to deal with that I would not deal with anyone else in the future. He never wasted time with silly offers. The flat sold in ultra quick time and I was rapt with the price, it exceeded my expectations”

Lynne Adamson

16 Feb 2018

“We have dealt with Mark several times in the past and have always found Mark to be very helpfull and informative. Mark is very professional and a pleasure to deal with and has always obtained a sale price that has passed our expectations.”

Michael Ford, Bernadette Ford, Peter Quinn & Susan Ford

14 Dec 2017

“Mark kept me informed from the initial contact. He explained the process and sent the documents , as the whole sale has been remotely from another country . I was keen to get a certain price and offered as an incentive a monetary bonus once that target had been reached. To my astonishment he gracefully refused and said he would get the best price . He delivered and surassed my expectations . I am pleased with the decision to go with this company and in particular the work he did on my behalf. I have no hesitation in recommending this company and would definitely use them again in a sale or purchase situation .”

Dyanna Benny

15 Sep 2017

“Very professional, honest about where we were at all the time, a very fast sale which we appreciated.”

Gordon John Mcfarland & Dellece Susan Mcfarlane

26 Aug 2017

“Mark was great with communication and his experience in the Real Estate market made the difference. We took on board his suggestions with property appearance, and again appreciated his honesty.”

Sandra Bennet

20 Jun 2017

“Initially the driver for inquiring with Total Realty was the low and transparent commission structure. However after speaking with Mark, I also quickly realised I also had the opportunity to work with someone that was very genuine and a total professional as well. Couldn't recommend Mark highly enough. This guy is redefining what are and should be.”

Daniel James Leigh

12 Jun 2017

“Met Mark last year when we were looking to buy a property. While we didn't buy that property at the time, we kept Mark details as he seemed a good agent with good commission rates. We got quotes from other reality companies but all with high commission, and people with no so good people skills.”

Prateek Upadhyay & Si Hua Jiang

31 May 2017

“The whole experience was amazing.Mark came up for an appraisal mid week, open home on Sunday for one hour in very cold wintery conditions, good offers and sold by the next morning. Mark and his wife were totally professional and I would (and am) highly recommend them to anyone thinking of selling their home. Your fee structure is so amazing I have saved myself enough for a trip yo Europe. Thank you.”

Georgina Laney-hayes

27 Apr 2017

“I was so impressed with Mark throughout the entire process of selling our house. Mark was always professional yet kind, he was very considerate to the circumstances under which the house was being sold. Mark I am so thankful for your help and your support, it never went unnoticed. Thank you so much. Jess”

Stephen & Jessica Brown

22 Apr 2017

“A stressful time made easier.”

Clayton Deaker & Karyn Grellet

22 Apr 2017

“Hassle free is the best way to explain it. Mark kept me informed of numbers through my house and general comments/feelings from those who had been through. Always kept me updated on what was the best way forward and when he needed the house again to show it.”

Christopher Sherburd

21 Apr 2017

“Very happy with the service provided. Took only 4 days to sell my flat so very pleased.”

Anna-lisa Rijlaarsdam

21 Mar 2017

“We have successfully sold our second property with an Agent from Total Realty and both times his service cannot bet faulted. Great experience.”

Benjamin Kerr & Hilletje Swart

16 Mar 2017

“Mark was enthusiastic, true to his word, always prompt & a pleasure to Do business with. He went the second mile with my attractive signage.”

Beaulah Cairns

21 Feb 2017

“We found Mark Ford an Excellent Communicator .. made us feel very valued and excelled in personal service. We Highly recommend Mark as we feel he is the best Top Real Estate Agent in Dunedin!”

Graeme & Yvonne Williamson

17 Feb 2017

“Very impressed. I had a bad experience with another agent when I bought my place so I was a bit wary. Mark has been highly professional and a great help throughout the whole process.”

Kathleen Rijlaarsdam

16 Feb 2017

“Enjoyed the professionalism, and keeping in touch, and willingness to make things happen despite the busy realestate schedule.”

Josephine Borkus

18 Jan 2017

“Right from our first meeting with Mark, we new he would be the agent we would choose. Mark had an easy going personality and instantly made us feel comfortable around him. Mark came back with the highest estimate (we were uncertain we would reach this price)The commission rate was very attractive compared to other companies and Mark was confident with our pricing in the current market. We accepted an offer after our first open home - well in excess of the asking price! Throughout the rest of the process, which was slightly drawn out due to us waiting on the purchasers to sell their home, Mark was in contact with updates on a regular basis. This included over the Christmas holidays when Mark was out of the country on holiday! I can't rave enough about the great customer service we received and will be using Mark again in any future real estate ventures. He is a "Total" asset to your company - thanks Mark for an outstanding effort and some very satisfied vendors.”

Geoffrey & Rebecca Rodger

8 Jan 2017

“great communication from Mark throughout the whole process. really got the feeling he was getting us the best deal he could.”

Philippa Myers

30 Dec 2016

“Awesome service and result”

Sagato Lesa & Raewyn Lesa

15 Dec 2016

“Easy and care free, and Mark was great to deal with.”

Witold & Barbara Krajewski

15 Dec 2016

“Fantastic approach to the quick settlement I was after, right before Christmas. Mark was honest, approachable, friendly and ensured I was kept in the loop on the status of my home selling. Would definitely choose Mark to sell my homes in the future.”

Natalie Brown

13 Dec 2016

“Selling with total reality made the process of selling a house less stress full than what you normally associate with the process due to ongoing feedback, and the professionalism of Mark and the economical price of marketing.”

Michael & Susan Ford

28 Nov 2016

“My property was listed on the Real-estate and Trade-me sites on Thursday, had 9 by appointment visitors on the Friday and was sold by that afternoon - what's not to like?!”

Sally Cranfield

29 Oct 2016

“Right from the start Mark was friendly and up front about the reality about selling my property. After a short time on the market the multi offers exceeded my expectations. Very pleased with the outcome.”

Rex Groves

30 Sep 2016

“Better then I expected. Mark was friendly, efficient and did everything quickly. Achieved a great price.”

Stephen & Rosalind Burke

29 Sep 2016

“Don't waste your money on big flashy companies and their scripted buzz lines, Total Realty is down to earth and tells it how it is. We've bought and sold multiple houses over the years and have experienced both sides of the equation, we won't be using anyone else but Total Realty anymore!”

Geoffrey Buchanan

4 Aug 2016

“We chose Mark Ford to sell both our propertys, he was highly recommended from a family member. Upon meeting Mark we found him to be very professional, great with communication and most of all, honest. His skills and knowledge of the industry show in a successful sales record and the super quick and super smooth sale of both our propertys. Will definitely recommend :)”

Michelle Wilson

2 Aug 2016

“Our house was very difficult to sell. Mark never gave up though and continued to work on selling the property.”

Krista Lynette Kellend & Brett Dean Kelland

30 Jun 2016

“Mark was always very quick to respond to questions and/or provide relevant information.”

Nicole Summerfield

25 May 2016

“Our property ended up being a hard sell. It seemed to attract several tire kickers and people who essentially were time wasters. Mark was dedicated and persevered with the many viewings and calls. He maintain our position on price and never compromised to our detriment. For this we are extremely grateful. We highly recommend Total Reality and in particular, Mark Ford and we will be referring as many of our associates as possible.”

Alana & Michael Ivamy

24 May 2016

“We had complete confidence in Mark that he knew the market value of our property. I think that is the key because you don't want your property to be overpriced and then miss that first flurry of interest. I'm a big fan of the 'negotiable over' pricing of a property, great to give buyers a starting point that's acceptable to the vendor if that's the best that the market ends up offering but room to go higher if the interest is there. In both cases Mark got our properties sold within a week or two of listing and a sale price above what we hoped for. Great guy to deal with, friendly and professional and really does know the market.”

Michael & Madalaina Kwant

21 May 2016

“It was actually straight forward and considering that I was in Germany at the time of the first open home and offer, it was not a problem. Thankfully modern technologies allow for global communication! Communicating with Mark was easy, as he was reliable and always available.”

Erika Stettner

19 May 2016

“Very professional and easy to deal with.”

Beverley Reid

2 May 2016

“Quick and hassle free.”

Bernadine Hair

11 Mar 2016

“Professional, got good feedback. very pleasant man to deal with. His Assistant was lovely also. Most importantly , I felt happy leaving my house in his care at open days.”

Warren & Reima Mackie

3 Mar 2016

“We found our Agent Mark to be honest, professional and positive throughout the process of marketing and selling our house.”

Russell Craig

17 Feb 2016

“5 Star service offered by Mr Ford. Glad I went with Total Reality.”

Christine & Stephen Anderson

7 Feb 2016

“Mark was great in a all aspects of selling my home. He got me a great result and was an absolute pleasure to deal with and a really nice person. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others looking to sell their property and would use him again for sure (which of course I don't plan to do for some time yet lol).”

Alice Bassett-smith

4 Feb 2016

“Really felt like Mark was working for us.”

Richard Everitt

15 Jan 2016

“Mr. Mark Ford's professional services and the manner he conducts the sale were exceptional. He is very honest and truly cares about his clients.”

Sau Yung Winsome Wo

25 Dec 2015

“Mark was very professional, helpful and super fast to respond to texts and emails. The sale process was very low fuss.”

Peter & Raewyn Cole

22 Dec 2015

“Mark was a good communicator, experienced in sales and had a great understanding of the local market. He was friendly with a great sense of humour AND did not pressure us at all. We had a bad experience with an agent from another local firm who was very high pressure so Mark was a welcome relief from that.”

Michael & Madelaina Kwant

22 Oct 2015

“The following may be used on website or promotional materials as long as my surname and any address details are not used. My experience of Mark Ford has been a wholly positive one. We communicated easily and understood each other from the outset and the property sold quickly and well. It was a surprisingly pleasant process for a first time seller. Thank you Mark. Lee.”

Leonie Brown

16 Oct 2015

“Mark was very professional and good to deal with. He does not pull any punches and speaks the truth and did his best to sell our house. I would recommend him to anyone.”

James Bazsika

16 Oct 2015

“Mark made the whole thing very easy and very fast. I couldn't rate him more highly.”

Jennifer Mclennan

8 Oct 2015

“Selling with Total Realty is unlike other firms as it is quite a relaxed affair in what can be quite an anxious event. Of course that is down to the agent, Mark Ford. He has exceptional control and a very good social manner and personal touch.”

Annie & John Egan

30 Sep 2015

“Mark done an excellent job throughout the whole process, which made the whole experience relatively stress free.”

Aaron Lindsay

15 Sep 2015

“A seamless experience from listing the property to a quick successful sale.”

Vickie Mosely

25 Aug 2015

“easy quick processs”

Suzanne Lund

19 Aug 2015

“We have been really impressed. Mark is a real go-getter - we were amazed that he had people lined up to view the house before any marketing had begun and also that he got us two very strong offers on the day of the first open home. He also handled my first-time seller nerves very well. :)”

Claire & Geoff Laverty

5 Aug 2015

“Mark was very professional and easy to deal with, he Kept us informed at all times, his negotiating skills gave us a great result better than we anticipated”

John & Gaye Harrison

20 Jul 2015

“I found Mark as my agent; switched on, knowledgeable, personable, timely, a good communicator, on the ball, supportive, understanding, confident and a good advocate.”

Allan Philpot