Wendy Waltenberg - Christchurch real estate agent only 1.25% commission

Wendy Waltenberg

Introducing Wendy Waltenberg:

Clients of Marc and Wendy would best describe them as “friendly - yet professional”, knowledgable and passionate. They offer a level of service that has kept them at the top of the real estate industry in Christchurch, with a majority of their listings coming from past clients and referrals.

With a combined experience of over 30 years selling real estate they have developed the skills and sound strategies necessary to get the best for their clients. Having had the opportunity to work with a company that charges 4% commission, they are in the position to say that the service they now provide at a 1.25% commission rate is identical. Total Realty may cut commission but we do not cut our service.

Marc and Wendy are the local Halswell specialists, an area in which they are the dominant real estate agents. 
With over $400 million in sales, Marc and Wendy have the experience necessary to assist any home owner with the sale of their property.

Choose Total Realty because we are the best, not because we are the cheapest.


10 Sep 2021

“Marc and Wendy were awesome. Professional, helpful and great to work with. Very pleased with my decision to go with them.”

M Macnab

8 Sep 2021

“Mark and Wendy were amazing!! Answered any questions we had and got us the best outcome. Exceeded all expectations.”

K & D Brown

12 Jul 2021

“Great advice. Well above and beyond our expectations.”

O Bright

9 Jul 2021

“When there were a few challenges for me, Marc and Wendy were very helpful in adjusting a few things so that I could still get a quick sale and good price.”

N Blue

9 Jul 2021

“Great communication and interaction. Took a lot of the pressure off. Made me very comfortable right from the start.”

M Hargreaves

5 Jul 2021

“Marc and Wendy made that process nice and easy. Great communication. Lovely friendly couple.”

B & J Mitchell

21 Jun 2021

“Marc and Wendy were extremely professional in all aspects of the house sale. Explained everything clearly and thoroughly and very easy to get along with. Both were very dedicated to selling our property.”

S & B Perrie

11 Jun 2021

“It was very easy, everything was explained in detail, we felt well supported, we received top quality service, and a fantastic selling price. Thank you so much.”

R & R Wood

14 May 2021

“Marc and Wendy were knowledgeable and professional.”

Kirsten & Andrew Russell

4 May 2021

“Very streamlined. Appreciated the marketing strategy with only one round of open homes which suited the current market conditions.”

A & M Davis

3 May 2021

“Very professional service and very helpful team.”

S & M Kumar

30 Apr 2021

“Everything went smoothly with helpful advice as we prepared and sold the property quickly.”

G Britt

28 Apr 2021

“Marc and Wendy took the stress out of open day for us - we were slightly panicking because we suddenly had an out break of ants (never happened before) due to the hot weather. Marc took it upon himself to sweep the area before opening our doors to the public. They also monitor the walk throughs for security reasons. They provided all the necessary information to ensure that the open home was successful - example removing dishcloths and ensuring no damp towels etc. They also ensured that we received a quick sale - within 10 days of listing”

E & D Madges

27 Apr 2021

“Our experience was like taking ‘ A walk in the park ‘. From get go we felt our home was in great hands with Marc & Wendy , anything we did not fully understand was followed up by email in great detail which was fantastic communication. They are both a credit to Total Realty.”

L & J Gould

23 Apr 2021

“Marc is excellent at running open homes, and talking with potential buyers. He sets just the right tone - is friendly and interested, but not pushy. We liked the way he remembered potential buyers from previous houses he had sold, who came to our open homes. When it comes to knowledge of the market, previous sales and attention to detail, Wendy is the most amazing real estate agent we have ever worked with. Previous agents we have sold with had secretaries and personal assistants as they were too important to bother themselves with details. Wendy, however communicated directly with us brilliantly throughout the sale of our house and thought of absolutely everything. We are very grateful to her for making the process so easy. We like the way Marc and Wendy work so well together as a team.”

A Vinnell & D Rodda

13 Apr 2021

“Professional, experienced, reliable team.”

S Bartram

12 Apr 2021

“This is the second house that Mark and Wendy have sold for us with only one open home required! A fast and efficient service and again we got a good purchase price for our home. Wendy is very thorough with the legal side of things and I felt informed throughout the process. Thanks again!”

D & J Warren

9 Apr 2021

“Great experience, not stressful at all.”

M & R Cassim

5 Apr 2021

“Marc and Wendy made the selling of my Auntie's property very easy, they were awesome to deal with and would highly recommend.”

M Woollett

26 Mar 2021

“We had previously met Marc and Wendy at another house sale they were managing. They left a good impression with us and hence we decided to contact them to help us sell our property. Total Realty was also able to provide the same level of marketing and support as other real-estate firms but at a much lower cost. Selling our property with Total Realty made the whole process very easy. Marc and Wendy were great to deal with, were very professional and achieved us a great result.”

L Beer & Daw

24 Mar 2021

“Excellent commutation very professional agents. Kept us up to date at all times.”

B & G Miller

5 Mar 2021

“I felt Marc and Wendy went the extra mile for us. So a big thank you to Marc and Wendy.”

D & B Hill

3 Mar 2021

“Overall great experience, value for money compared to other companies”

S Cain

28 Feb 2021

“Marc and Wendy are extremely professional and personable real estate agents. And on top of that they are two very lovely people. Excellent communication, hard working, attention to detail and a commitment to getting the best price. An outstanding result. Thank you Marc and Wendy.”

J Crampton

18 Feb 2021

“Easy & straightforward”

W & K Cannell

16 Feb 2021

“Marc and Wendy have been really helpful throughout, held our hand as needed through the process and got us a great result.”

L Kissell & R Jenkins

7 Jan 2021

“Fast, easy, informative, happy.”

Yit Ling Teh

5 Jan 2021

“There isn't enough time in the day to explain how unbelievably incredible Marc and Wendy are. Above and beyond doesn't even slightly come close to the work they put in. We were working with two homes and short deadlines, Wendy chased LIM's, investigated things with EQC and the council, they did so much work that isn't necessarily what they normally do and it was so so so appreciated. The communication was amazing, we were always in the loop, they were always available, they calmed our nerves when it was needed and explained everything so you understood every step of the process, it really feels like a weight is taken off your shoulders and you are in a team when you are working with Marc and Wendy. They are professional, honest, reliable and take so much pride in their work. I could write rave reviews about them all day!”

India & Zeke Bell

25 Dec 2020

“Great experience, Marc & Wendy were awesome. Job well done.”

Kimberley & Andrew Lyell

23 Dec 2020

“We had the best selling experience we have ever had, very little stress, great sensible advice and felt they where working in our best interest.”

Susan & John Sell

11 Dec 2020

“Easy and friendly staff, always communicating and reassuring about little issues that may arise in the selling process. Overall, a really good experience to sell with them. They exceeded our expectations.”

C & M Plato

1 Dec 2020

“Wendy and Marc are great to deal with, they explain everything well and communication is good.”

L & C Godfrey

23 Nov 2020

“Marc & Wendy were brilliant from start to finish. They kept in touch every step of the way and worked with me to achieve a great result in a short time. Can’t recommend them enough.”

N Hunt & J Hunt

29 Oct 2020

“Without exaggerating they were the best agents I have ever worked with to date and I would work with them again without hesitation. They made selling really easy and worked hard to get us the best price possible for our property. They provided excellent service, were open, honest and excellent communicators. As we live outside of Christchurch, communication was key for us. Marc and Wendy kept us up to date on every detail. They really listened to us as Vendors and gave us some really good solutions to help us achieve our selling goals. They were also very realistic and honest and kept us grounded. We really appreciated their advice.”

C Satchy

20 Oct 2020

“Marc and Wendy were friendly and professional. They have excellent knowledge of the real estate business and they were committed to maximising their expertise in order to gain the best outcome for us.”

S Powell

9 Oct 2020

“We really appreciated the enthusiasm that Marc and Wendy showed for the sale of our home. Combined with their very good knowledge we had confidence that our home would have the best chance of a smooth sale. Marc and Wendy were in constant contact throughout the process and provided very good advice around preparing the home for sale, market comparisons and best sales strategies. We felt comfortable discussing options with them. We also found Marc and Wendy very professional through the handling of the offer process. They were good at telling us what we needed to know to ensure we could make the best decision through the offer and sales process”

L & K Earnshaw

29 Sep 2020

“The business model saves us fees but it also incentivizes great service as the agents are better rewarded for their work. In particular, we appreciated the generous amount of communication provided by Marc and Wendy and their experience in the industry made things go as smoothly as possible. We received a consistently generous amount of communication from agents with a tremendous amount of experience of the market we lived in. They made things go as smoothly as possible. We were satisfied with the outcome and would recommend Marc and Wendy to anyone looking to sell in the Halswell area.”

K & L O'Brien

10 Sep 2020

“We really enjoyed Marc and Wendy’s honesty and clarity throughout the process.”

V & W Martyn

25 Aug 2020

“Excellent service. I have not sold a house or understand much about the process. Marc and Wendy were very patient and accommodating.”

O Grainger

25 Aug 2020

“Professional, efficient service, cheaper fees”

D Wang

24 Jul 2020

“Mark and Wendy were absolutely fabulous! Right from the first meeting we knew they were the right people to sell our home. They were unpretentious and honest. They followed protocol and were professional in all situations for the purchasers and for us as the sellers. We enjoyed their sense of humour too! Thank you so much for all your work.”

A & F Kenel

19 Jul 2020

“We are were extremely impressed with Marc and Wendy, they were so helpful and accommodating with our situation. They were true to there word, everything happened as they said it would, even in terms of the sale price. A pleasure to deal with.”

K Geddes

13 Jul 2020

“We really appreciated all the work Wendy and Marc put in to helping us sell our house. They were both dedicated to supporting us through the process and getting a great outcome.”

R Murchie & S Mccormick

10 Jul 2020

“Marc and Wendy are the king and queen of Halswell. They know the market better than anyone. Also, lower fees. Excellent. Great communication throughout. Overall fantastic to deal with.”

C & B Trumper

1 Jul 2020

“Very helpful and very professional, they were in touch regularly throughout the process, even after we had accepted an offer they supported us right through to it going unconditional. Their process worked so well I had fantastic offers within two days of my first open home.”

C Moffat

12 Jun 2020

“A great experience, Marc and Wendy made the process nice and simple.”

K & M Shand

12 Jun 2020

“Over the moon with the result Marc and Wendy gave us.”

R Ainsworth & H Flanagan

8 Jun 2020

“We couldn't fault Marc and Wendy and would love to work with them again. They know the Halswell market so well and are very knowledgeable about everything to do with property! Marc and Wendy were very organised, professional and kept us informed every step of the way. We are extremely happy with the price they got for our property and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

L & S Jackson

1 May 2020

“From the moment we meet Marc and Wendy they were super friendly, made us feel comfortable and would answer any questions that we had.”

M & W Silcock

20 Apr 2020

“We really appreciated Marc and Wendy's transparency right from the initial consult. We really liked that fact that they delivered all the information we needed properly and didn’t just ‘skim over’ things. This was particularly important to us as this was the first time we have sold a house. We appreciated that Marc and Wendy would be working all hours to get the information they needed and were very focused on making sure this information was correct for not only us but the buyer as well. On top of all of this their personalities are just so easy to work with and made it really exciting to sell. We were confident all the way through and they sold our house quicker than we could ever imagine! They have continuously been in contact with us during the Covid changes to ensure we have all the information we need which has been above and beyond what we would’ve expected. We would absolutely recommend Marc and Wendy to all and couldn’t be happier with the house selling process. Our dog was also very fond of them which gave a big tick from us straight away :D”

K Neale & M Henderson-Rauter

17 Apr 2020

“We were very impressed with Marc and Wendy. They made selling our home look really easy and were always very professionally and most helpful. They took all the worry away away from us throughout the entire process. We would have no hesitation recommending them to others, they make a fantastic team. Thanks guys.”

H & R Van Ravenstein

4 Apr 2020

“Marc & Wendy were lovely, very helpful in seeing we got all the correct info to the right people and kept in touch during the whole process. We were also trying to get confirmation over the lockdown period and they got it all sorted! Would definitely choose them again if buying or selling.”

C Marshall & C Morris

19 Mar 2020

“Honest, upfront people. Selling a property should be an enjoyable experience, and it was. Listened to what I wanted and delivered with interest.”

G Jenkin

13 Mar 2020

“Everything was crystal clear and well explained. Marc and Wendy were excellent at talking to people in a right way and right time. Everything went very smooth because of their efficient and effective work culture they have built over their career.”

J Hee Ha & A Park

9 Mar 2020

“Very positive. Marc and Wendy have a wealth of experience between them and made everything clear from the start. We had 7 offers on our house, only had to have 2 Open Homes and were happy with the price we got for our home. They kept us informed at every step and were helpful in advising about the home we purchased as well.”

M Hall & A Delgado

27 Feb 2020

“Marc & Wendy were wonderful to deal with, so impressed with their team work and professionalism making the selling process very easy. Sold house after first open home viewing. They made the whole process extremely easy and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Thank You L”

L & R Woods

14 Feb 2020

“Exceptional, first class service. Excellent communication. We are ecstatic with such a speedy result. Great, clean offer at our first and only open home. Nobody could do that only Marc & Wendy. They could not do any better, they are fantastic!”

K Tarpey-Ward & D Ward

15 Jan 2020

“Marc & Wendy sold my last house and I was happy with the job they did. Very happy would use again.”

M Blackler

9 Jan 2020

“I think Marc & Wendy make an awesome team. Marc & Wendy make the whole process easy.”

C Page

9 Jan 2020

“Marc & Wendy were so easy to deal with. They explained everything regarding the whole selling process, clearly & concisely. They were both very pro active and worked hard to ensure we sold the house after the first open home viewing, keeping us informed every step of the way. The whole process was extremely swift! You cannot improve on perfection. We are extremely grateful the sale went through so quickly and with minimum disruption. Thank you :)”

K & J Perrell

19 Dec 2019

“Wendy and Marc are just fantastic. Really went the extra mile and they are both just lovely people. Not pushy and really put people at ease. Wouldn't hesitate to sell again with them!”

D & S Fisher

14 Dec 2019

“Marc and Wendy are a great team. They are upfront and honest and work very hard for you to get your property sold. We were impressed by their team work and professionalism.”

K & T Phillipps

13 Dec 2019

“Marc and Wendy were wonderful to deal with. Very sensible, straightforward, and easygoing. They make the process easy, and we have had quick sales with great prices both times we've used them.”

D & R Webb

25 Nov 2019

“We found Marc & Wendy very easy to communicate with on their first visit and also the 1.25% was a plus. As above the service was brilliant and Total Realty made it so easy for us being elderly.”

I & L Hoe

21 Nov 2019

“Friendly people and they know what they are doing. Very happy.”

E & B Smith

16 Oct 2019

“Marc and Wendy were very professional but friendly and approachable, efficient and great communicators.”

C Adams & J Hill

9 Sep 2019

“Working With Marc and Wendy was fantastic. It was so streamlined, from the first meeting we knew what to expect. Their humor, honesty and flexibility go a long way when you are trying to sell your house with 2 young children and a 3rd on the way. The open home debriefs were informative, and the follow up on any leads was timely. We sold our house very quickly and at a competitive price for what the market was offering.”

H & M Stevenson

31 Jul 2019

“Marc & Wendy were always available to answer any questions we had, and to help us through the sale process, it was reassuring to have them working with us.”

P & V Gaspar

19 Jul 2019

“Quick and easy. Worked in with our needs well. Professional service. Maintained good level of communication throughout process.”

A & M Sutherland

18 Jul 2019

“So easy - Marc and Wendy are so professional and know exactly how to market and sell houses. We were so impressed with working with them and they made the selling process so easy. We are so grateful.”

N & D Lindsay

6 Jun 2019

“I couldn't fault Marc & Wendy, their friendly professional attitude, knowledge of the market and the way they explained everything. I was kept in touch along the way which wasn't long as they had an offer after only 8 days and one open home. This was achieved by setting a realistic price and pointing out things that needed attention. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to sell.”

K Mccrea

4 Jun 2019

“Easy, straightforward and honest”

K Went

29 May 2019

“Both Marc and Wendy were very efficient and well organised. At all times we were confident that the result would be the best that could be achieved. The end result was more than we expected.”

C & W Jenkin

10 May 2019

“Very impressed with the professionalism and excellent communication. They were friendly and easy to deal with. Nothing was a problem. We have sold many properties over the years and this was one of the best experiences.”

J & B Lewis

23 Apr 2019

“Excellent couldn’t fault the experience. Great communication and found a buyer in first 2 weeks”

A & J Lover

4 Apr 2019

“Marc and Wendy were around for an appraisal within a couple of days. Only took one open home to get multi offers which were above our expecting price. Easy to deal with and would happily use again.”

S Kerrigan

28 Mar 2019

“Marc and Wendy are experienced professionals and we felt safe selling our home with them. They are friendly and approachable, happily answered all our questions and explained things well. We were absolutely delighted with the fabulous photographs taken to market our property and which we later heard are what grabbed our buyers attention. We also greatly appreciated the extra effort given to assist our buyer with his insurance, ensuring a smooth selling and buying process. Just as a little footnote; we are both mindful about the waste of resources and the impact of this on our environment. Thank you for finding ways to market properties effectively, while also minimising waste of materials. Thank you so much Marc and Wendy. You have enabled us to take the next steps down our pathway. :)”

M & C Fursdon

27 Mar 2019

“We found Marc and Wendy went beyond all expectations in selling our house. The service was exceptional and we could not expect any more.”

S & N Heine

22 Mar 2019

“Total Realty are doing well in the area of sale, this was the initial reason for getting an appraisal from Marc and Wendy. After getting appraisals, Marc and Wendy really stood out. Could not have asked for a better team.”

M Ireland & B Mulholland

19 Feb 2019

“Marc and Wendy are not just experts in the housing market but they both understand people. In selling our house not only did Total Realty save us over $40,000 in commission, but Marc and Wendy’s mastery resulted in a perfect home for our happy buyers and a great result for us to move on.”

M & D Gordon

13 Feb 2019

“There was plenty of communication from the agents throughout keeping us informed after viewings, they were easy to liaise with. This was the type of process we prefer-keeping it simple and honest.”

L & C Godfrey

7 Feb 2019

“Team Marc and Wendy offer an exceptional service, doing whatever it takes to get the job done. You really feel they are in your corner come what may. Wouldn’t hesitate to use them again!”

S & I Summerfield

25 Dec 2018

“Marc and Wendy definitely exceeded my expectation in selling the property. Everything was quick and communication was excellent.”

P Borodin

7 Dec 2018

“Very happy with our experience selling with Marc and Wendy. They were always professional, willing to answer any questions, were knowledgeable about the market conditions in our area and achieved a great result. Would happily recommend them.”

S Woods & P Woods

23 Nov 2018

“Very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Have your best interests first and foremost.”

B Hodge

22 Nov 2018

“We were impressed with the experience, professionalism and integrity of Marc & Wendy who were prepared to 'go the extra mile' to ensure a smooth and hassle-free selling experience.”

A & W Hollands

5 Nov 2018

“The sale of our property was a difficult one, which presented a number of challenges. Without Wendy's attention to conclude some outstanding matters on behalf of our overseas buyer, we would not have had a satisfactory outcome to our sale. Both Marc and Wendy were very supportive and exceptionally good communicators throughout the process.”

I & A Stackhouse

26 Oct 2018

“Wendy and Mark were so personable and assured us of a positive outcome. Their appraisal was professional but not over the top. We knew straight away that Mark and Wendy would get the result we wanted. And yes our home was under offer from the first open home! Our neighbours house was on the market before ours and 11 months later it is still on the market. Should have gone to ..........!”

C Wallace & P Robertson

9 Oct 2018

“Marc & Wendy sold one of our previous properties and are great to deal with so made sense to work with them again.”

S & V Sor

2 Oct 2018

“Great pricing and appeared to offer the same services as the more expensive agents. Why pay more for the same service elsewhere? Marc and Wendy were a great team to work with. Professional ,supportive and always available to answer any questions we had as the process of selling moved forward.”

E & N Haley

3 Sep 2018

“Marc & Wendy have sold x2 properties for us, they both sold on the first open home. We were guided through each step of the sale with ease which made the experience stress free. Marc & Wendy compliment each other using their strengths and professionalism to the highest standard, their communication was outstanding, they cannot be faulted. Perfect teamwork!!”

R Higgins

7 Aug 2018

“Communication was very good. We felt able to voice anything we were worried about.”

D & K Martin

6 Aug 2018

“Marc and Wendy come across as polite, gentle, yet professional. Not pushy at all. Very easy and quick.”

W Van Toor

11 Jul 2018

“Really liked their professional but friendly and down to earth manner. We felt they explained everything really well and were very honest and easy to communicate with. Great communication. Made the whole process as stress free as it could have been.”

V & D Horwell

26 Jun 2018

“They were very nice, easy to deal with, helped us through the process and made it all very easy, if we were to sell again we would definitely use them again.”

S Taylor

4 Jun 2018

“Very good service. Marc and Wendy were great to deal with and followed through on issues quickly and clearly”

G Shanks

11 May 2018

“Marc and Wendy were friendly and very approachable, but most of all they had current sales experience and knowledge in our area.”

M Wilson

26 Apr 2018

“So happy with my selling experience, very professional, friendly and great communication! Absolutely recommended.”

L Wisse

28 Mar 2018

“Very professional, competent, helpful, knew what they were doing, made it easy”

P & M Carmody

15 Mar 2018

“I liked working with Wendy and Marc they complemented each other. Service was excellent combined with excellent communication.”

Susan & Brian Claridge

7 Mar 2018

“We were impressed with the professional attitude of agents. We were given updates and progress reports frequently. We felt agents were really enthusiastic and acted in our best interests.”

Mary & Dallas Ford

8 Feb 2018

“Excellent advice and communication all the way through the process.”

Anne-marie Forsyth & Rod Dunn

7 Feb 2018

“We found the personal touch of Wendy and Marc really satisfying. They were knowledgeable, in touch with the area we were selling in (Halswell) and had a style that was easy and enjoyable to share. Highly recommended duo.”

Robyn Mcfarlane

22 Jan 2018

“We had a great experience with Marc and Wendy. Very pleasant to deal with and they work as a very effective team. We were so pleased to get an offer after our one-and-only open home! We were also very pleased with the photos of our house, the photographer they use does a fantastic job. Would definitely recommend Marc and Wendy to others.”

David & Lauren Wallace

11 Jan 2018

“Mark and Wendy were knowledgeable and gave us realistic expectations of the current market and the kind of buyers we would expect to get. They were very good at collecting information from us to be sure that everything was on offer from the first open home. They also left feedback after open homes and had a plan for how to encourage buyers by lowering our price to achieve a multi offer situation which then led to the sale of our property at a higher price. Perfect”

Tash & Blair Jarvis

10 Jan 2018

“Wonderful service, great communication (being based in Auckland and selling in Chch), achieved a great sale price”

Thomas Grogan & Anna Burchall

4 Jan 2018

“Marc and Wendy were honest (I felt) up front and didn't push themselves onto me. There was no pressure. They allowed me to make my own choice.”

Lynn-marie Borlase-ballantyne

15 Dec 2017

“Fantastic no problems at all”

Richard & Victoria Sands

9 Nov 2017

“I liked Marc and Wendy's honest, straight up approach and felt comfortable, knowing that there wasn't any bells and whistle's and over the top sales pitch. They deliver exactly what they say there going to. They constantly kept in touch with me in regards to Trade Me report's, purchaser feedback. When needing to communicate, they always promptly replied. My experience with Total Realty is that in a time where finance's are tight and selling a house is an expensive exercise, Total Realty have a very reasonable commission compared to other agents. Yet the experience I had with Total Realty was as good if not better, saving me thousands of dollars. The service is just as good.”

Estella Robb

22 Aug 2017

“Marc & Wendy have made selling my property so easy and I'm thrilled with the sale price. They gave me great advice & were very thorough to set it all up ready to market which meant everything went smoothly for both me and the buyers, I'm happily recommending them to everyone I know who's thinking of selling.”

Valerie Weir

14 Aug 2017

“very professional, very sympathetic to our position of dealing with a deceased estate. very thorough and completely honest. great follow up and explanation of how the house would be marketed, very helpful with EQC matters, no hidden costs outlining everything up front a real pleasure to deal with and would use again and recommend to others”

Terrance Courtney

19 Jul 2017

“Marc and Wendy really did everything the other higher prices companies do, and did it well. We really appreciated the concern and honesty throughout the process. Well done Marc and Wendy.”

Wayne & Joanne Burton

18 Jul 2017

“I was very impressed with the experience overall. I thought that I received a very good market appraisal of what my property was worth, excellent feedback from open homes, and excellent communication throughout the whole process. Wendy and Marc are a great team, I would use them again and would recommend them to anyone I know who was wanting to sell their house”

Wesley Bonney

19 Jun 2017

“Total Reality were excellent to deal with throughout the whole process. Their knowledge of the local market & their experience in guiding us in the marketing of the property & in helping us to set a realistic asking price & not hyping up our expectations so we could make a sensible decision at a realistic price that ultimately led to a sale & purchase that was good for both parties. A hassle free experience from start to finish. A very good & efficient team that I would recommend to anyone.”

Brent Wilson

31 May 2017

“Very positive, Professional at all times,easy to deal with Prompt to reply to any queries”

Deborah Rowse

29 May 2017

“The listing process was straight forward and the advertising was fresh and showed our home to the market in the best possible way. Wendy and Marc kept us informed of the progress and we sold in four weeks. Following the signing of the purchase agreement, they have continued to be intimately in the process.”

Ian & Elizabeth Alsweiler

26 May 2017

“Marc and Wendy impressed us with their presentation initially and won us over. We liked the fact that they worked together to make things happen. We were pleased with the outcome and price that the house was sold for.”

Graeme & Diane Watson

18 May 2017

“This is the second time we have used Marc and Wendy to sell our home. We were very satisfied with their service and also the outcome with both sales. They are really easy to deal with and explain everything well and also keep up the contact during the process.”

Dwaine & Nicola Rainey

8 May 2017

“They are friendly, efficient and very good at what they do. They are easy to get along with and we would happily recommend them to others”

Yvonne & Timothy Borrill

6 May 2017

“It was a very smooth process from start to finish and right throughout, great communication and feedback was provided. At no stage did we feel any pressure as you always seem to with other agencies. Our agents gave a realistic view of the current market and dollar value of our property.”

Paul & Melissa Smith

14 Apr 2017

“They took a lot of worry of us. couldn't be more helpful and friendly. Did a really good job for us. We've been singing their praises to our friends”

Ngaire & Trevor Rigby

11 Apr 2017

“Marc and Wendy were easy to deal with and keep us in the loop all the way. We felt they were working for us to achieve the best result . Their appraisal was spot on for the market and was an honest one. We will be recommending them to anyone who is looking to sell a property.”

Donald & Toni Manson

11 Apr 2017

“Attention to detail,very professional in their approach and informing us of all aspects of the sale of our home. Would certainly use Marc & Wendy for any future sales.”

John & Susan Denton

11 Apr 2017

“Team Marc and Wendy were professional and in a tough market came thru for us in the end. Our solicitor was impressed with their meticulous attention to detail and promptness in getting relevant information thru to her in a timely manner.”

Ernest & Rosemary Crown

27 Mar 2017

“Very professional. Everything about the marking of the sale of our house was explained very clearly. Advice was freely given in how to present the house to potential buyers and good estimates in the potential selling price.”

Derek & Susan Meredith

16 Mar 2017

“very easy to deal with, very helpful and worked around our needs”

Nicola & Richard King

15 Mar 2017

“Excellent. Marc and wendy were fantastic all the way through. Honest and upfront about everything and followed up on everything too.”

Melissa Pester & Kyle Went

13 Mar 2017

“I would use Marc and Wendy again they are very good at there job and things went very smoothly when we purchased through them and then when we sold with them also. I would be happy to tell my friends and family to use Marc and Wendy :)”

Jasmine & Adrian Ledingham

5 Mar 2017

“Marc and Wendy from Total Realty were excellent to deal with from the word go. They provided sound advice for marketing our house, how best to present the house, the process involved in the sale of a house (i.e. legalities of selling), as well as providing constant feedback about the status of the sale of the house. Marc and Wendy were great to deal with, and we appreciated their honesty and genuine concern for ensuring we had a positive outcome.”

Melanie & Paul Johnston

23 Feb 2017

“My experience is that Total Realty provided everything that is needed to market the property and secure a sale given the sophistication of and access to the internet our country now has. A 3.95% agent would have to achieve a significantly higher sale price to obtain the same return to the vendor and I think most purchasers would not want that.”

Michael Day

20 Feb 2017

“Marc & Wendy are a really approachable "fun" couple to work with who know their business extremely well (especially the rules centered around EQC). That proved to make everything run very very smoothly. We cannot thank them enough for their professionalism and the high level of communication they provided. "They" made selling our first home of 26years, smooth and problem free and we are grateful to them.”

Shona & David Farr

8 Feb 2017

“Refer above.”

Heather & Robert Wilson

10 Jan 2017

“We felt that they were very profresonal in there mannor also they are detail people which was gerat for us. Any support that we needed was given straight away and nothing was a problem.”

Heather Finlayson-boyd & Alexander Boyd

22 Dec 2016

“It was professional and thorough, we had good feedback from the open homes. Marc managed through his negotiating skills to get us a good price.”

Louise & William Earle

16 Dec 2016

“Whilst Marc & Wendy were totally professional they did it with a caring supportive attitude and kept us informed right from the first response to the 'advertising for sale' and beyond. They treated us and our property with total respect & we greatly appreciated that.”

John & Judy Topham

2 Dec 2016

“Marc and Wendy understood that we just wanted to sell our home - as is. We didn't want to spend money to make money as we just didn't have the time. They gave us a realistic price and timeframe and they were spot on. They really have a good understanding of the Halswell Market. Another agency told us we had to do numerous amounts of work to sell. This is now proven to be untrue as we sold for top $ on our first open home! they are a great team and great to deal with.”

Nicole Hamilton & Hamish Spivey

14 Nov 2016

“We have used Marc and Wendy 3 times now and we are always over the moon with the service they provide.”

Aimee & Shanan Patchett

11 Nov 2016

“It has been a seamless and easy experience for us. The agents were good communicators and answered any questions we had along the way.”

Alexander Sjerps & Christina Hendriks

10 Nov 2016

“I found selling with Total Realty easy as all the worry and stress was taken care of by Wendy and Marc.They were easily cotactable and really looked after me.”

Judith Milligan

17 Oct 2016

“Marc & Wendy gave us excellent advice & were proactive when dealing with prospective buyers. We're sure this made a difference to ensure a quick sale.”

William & Judith Tapp

15 Oct 2016

“I corresponded with Marc and Wendy by phone and email throughout the process. I found them very warm and friendly, very informative, very thorough and the whole process non stressful. I had complete trust in them which is what I wanted”

Stephanie Jephson

11 Oct 2016

“We found Mark and Wendy to two of the most helpful agents we have ever dealt with (we have previous sold five houses previously )they priced the house at about the right level and sold within the first 10 days.”

Bert & Clare Cooper

18 Aug 2016

“Fantastic. They made everything so easy.”

Amanda Garters

4 Aug 2016

“Wendy & Marc were very professional and easy to work with. They took the stress out of the process. Questions were answered immediately. The resulting sale exceeded my expectations.”

Penny Germain & Carl Stills

4 Aug 2016

“Marc and Wendy are straight forward, easy to get hold of and up to date with the market and information,they have good advice for a successful sale, this was our second house they have sold for us so job well done.”

Paul & Tracey Harrison

22 Jun 2016

“Marc and Wendy were very thorough and their experience showed. They were also very willing to get any issues/problems solved right away. Great service.”

Daniel Fraser

17 Jun 2016

“Our experience selling with Marc and Wendy couldn't have been easier. We have sold several houses over the years but this last sale has been by far the least stressful. Particularly helpful is being informed as the purchaser completed each step of the process. We were kept well informed and achieved a great price for our house with several offers to choose from.”

Lesley Collins-beardsley & Richard Debenham

19 May 2016

“Well what seemed like a straight forward sale was blindsided by findings unknown to us about the property we are selling, But every step of the way Marc and Wendy have been very exceptional in managing the sale even going over and above expectations going the extra mile to make sure everyone was up to date and informed of the proceedings. Three extensions later and a lot of ground work undergone we had our sale. 10/10 would totally use again! Thanks Kyle + Liz”

Kyle Pullan

18 May 2016

“Excellent quick service. Marc & Wendy sold our house within 10days, a great result. Both are very organised and super efficient. We would certainly recommend their service.”

Jane & Matthias Kerkman

17 May 2016

“Our parents are in their 80s and it is quite an issue for them to be selling their house. Wendy & Mark have been fantastic they have made this experience stress free for us all, they have guided us thru each step with ease. They are great communicators, helpful and very caring and we will be recommending them to anyone we come across needing to sell their property.”

Pauline & Noel Baas

11 May 2016

“Marc and Wendy are very professional. They provide us with handy selling advice. Our communication is very smooth even when we are overseas. Definitely recommend Marc and Wendy to any potential vendor.”

George Wang & Joyce Xing

6 May 2016

“We found the experience a very positive one. Marc and Wendy were very helpful and reassuring and they both worked very hard to get the best result possible for us, which we really appreciated. It was nice dealing with someone who lives locally and has a real interest in the Halswell area.”

Susan & Roger Kingsbury

5 May 2016

“Marc and Wendy were a great team to work with who were up front with what we could get for our house. They were with us with every step of the way and were also there with any questions we had.”

Katie & William Loper

21 Apr 2016

“Marc and Wendy were absoutely fabulous and 100% professional in every matter. A pleasure to deal with”

Susan Magson-payne

14 Apr 2016

“Marc and Wendy are very professional. They have been selling for a long time not only through Total Realty but other agencies so they know all the in's and out's of the job. They weren't pushy like other agents and they did what was required in a good time frame when they had to visit or ring up. Everything was positive and they made you feel more relaxed if you were getting worried or didn't know something. Buying our other house (through another agency) wasn't a very good experience and Marc and Wendy guided us through this too as well as selling our house. The lovely phone calls and emails helped a lot. I don't know when they get any sleep!! They sold our house in a week. One open home only :-)”

Michelle & Todd Foster

8 Apr 2016

“Marc and Wendy are awesome agents, always in touch and always ready to help. I am so happy that they sold our house, and so fast! I would have no hesitation in recommending Marc and Wendy, thankyou!no”

Marian Parkin

1 Apr 2016

“Wendy and Marc work so well as a team - friendly, relaxed yet professional. Also the commission rate is very attractive and to have only one open day to achieve a sale is fantastic. They have my recommendation and I wish them well in the future.”

Catherine Page

22 Mar 2016

“Experienced sales people combined with a low fee makes for great value. Have sold several times before with other agencies and can no longer see how the higher fees can be justified. Excellent performance. Post sale support from Wendy extremely professional. Thank you.”

Todd Ward & Althea Ward

22 Mar 2016

“The service is excellent, and the price is as good as we would have got from anyone, including those charging a significantly higher commission fee.”

Michele & Andrew Fibbens

22 Mar 2016

“Wendy and Marc made the selling of our home very easy and we had full confidence at all stages. They kept us informed during the process and updated us on the progress . We would certainly refer them to anyone selling their house .”

Shona & Roger Bews

3 Mar 2016

“Great teamwork, down-to-earth common sense attitude. Perfect advice re presentation and marketing. Communication excellent - they were there every step of the way - left no doubts. Very personable and always on hand for advice. Nothing short of a miracle that a new home was found just around the corner - almost too good to believe how it has worked out.”

Alexander Cardno

3 Mar 2016

“Marc & Wendy did a great job. They got more than we hoped for. Would use them again and will recommend them”

Kirsten Newton & Scott Macguire

17 Feb 2016

“We were given a definite date for marketing and a price guideline which was realistic. We had confidence that it would be handled professionally.”

Alison & Andrew Reekie

16 Feb 2016

“My husband was determined to sell privately so after 10 weeks of no bites I convinced him to use a real estate agent, he was not keen but agreed. I got Marc & Wendy around and they gave us their appraisal and explained how they would market our property along with how much it would cost. We felt very comfortable with them straight away and signed up that night. Not only did they sell our home very quickly but we got more than what we were asking selling privately, they got us through the legal difficulties of selling (especially in Christchurch) through to handover of keys. If you are reading this and want to get a reliable agent that works for you then choose Marc & Wendy from Total Realty, they are fantastic and I would highly recommend them, more importantly my husband would.”

Tina & Brendon

1 Dec 2015

“From the start a very thorough portrait of the Total Realty marketing and selling operation from Wendy left us in no doubt in our minds we had chosen a sharp team who carried us through the whole process right up to the eventual sale.”

Lesley & Max Edgar

1 Dec 2015

“Team approach of Marc and Wendy worked well so I thought I had really good follow up”

Peter Cuff

25 Nov 2015

“We had previously tried to market privately. After a collapsed private sale, we decide to engage some professionals. We had decided we would try Marc and Wendy, after receiving a lot of positive feedback from previous clients. Marc and Wendy were very responsive to our needs, and seemed to be the dominant player in the local market. We were overseas when the first open home occurred, and Marc and Wendy progressed offers with minimal input from us on holiday.”

Nicola & Ryan Gearry

17 Nov 2015

“Wendy and Marc are friendly, efficient and get the job done, no frills. I have recommended Total Realty to a number of people who have asked me "Who is your estate agents". Cheryl Wade.”

Cheryl Wade

11 Nov 2015

“Great service, great communication always emailing, texting, or calling as soon as I needed to know info. Very clear on what they offer and prices up front. Very detailed information on the open home notes for what we needed to know about who went through the home and the comments made. Very smooth and quick sale which is what we love.”

Kirsty Carlton & Jordan Spence

30 Oct 2015

“Marc and Wendy were very helpful, upfront and supportive throughout the whole process and we were very happy with how it all went.”

Anna Galletly & Joshua Thomson

27 Oct 2015

“We can't speak highly enough about Marc and Wendy. They made the entire process very easy. They are motivated, professional and such a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend them to anyone thinking of selling.”

Kim Fraser & Jason Mcmillan

15 Oct 2015

“Process was straightforward, photography was excellent, advertising was up quickly and open day went well. Dealing with the offers was well managed and I was satisfied with the result.”

David Weir

9 Oct 2015

“Efficient and gave us good advice. Were good communicators and kept us involved in the process. Were extremely professional”

Dennis Dillon

7 Aug 2015

“Marc and Wendy are wonderful to deal with, We have no problem using them again or recommending them to others that are selling”

Aimee & Shanan Patchett

28 Jul 2015


Michele Walker & Stephen Syder

26 Jul 2015

“Efficient handling of all legal requirements, kept us up to date with progress and helped with unusual obstacles to the sale. Good quick feedback by email to any questions. Friendly and helpful people to deal with. They got a good price for the house for us.”

David Mason

15 Jul 2015

“It was a very friendly experience with no hassles and I was kept up to date when anything happened. My house was sold after the first open home with three offers presented. All up it took six weeks from the initial contact and moving out.”

Colleen Treacy

9 Jul 2015

“am very happy with your team they did a good job thanks very much for everything :)”

Darren Forbes

24 Jun 2015

“Found it a very professional outfit with great communication from start to finish”

Dianne & Wayne Galvin

10 Jun 2015

“Very professional and courteous at all times. Made some great suggestions about sale prices and presentation. Knew their stuff about EQC related issues in Christchurch. Kept us informed at all times.”

Shirley & David Lucas

26 May 2015

“Marc & Wendy were not at all "pushy"..they let us take our own time to decide whether we wanted to list with them or not. They are very efficient and have all the i's dotted & the t's crossed!. Very prompt in coming back to us with any inquiries we may have had.”

Sharon & Russell Forbes

24 May 2015

“All the steps in selling the house were very well explained. We were very pleased with the photographs taken of the property and with the advertising.”

James & Dianne Toner

23 May 2015

“Great, hassle free”

Elizabeth Holmes

14 May 2015

“Mark & Wendy are very enthusastic knowledgable and orfanised with their opendays”

Leanne Boyd

13 May 2015

“We appreciated the availability of Marc and Wendy and their responsiveness in keeping us informed”

Angela & Frederick Bustin

13 May 2015

“It's been a difficult sale but I have been kept well informed every step of the way. I have found them both very approachable & have received great advice when I've needed it.”

Paula Chambers

12 May 2015

“Very happy with Marc and Wendy and their approach to achieve a quick and fair result in selling our house. Thanks very much”

Kelly & Nathan Hubbard

11 May 2015

“We were very happy with the service provided. They were realistic with the property market, it showed that they had done there homework in regards to having all the eqc and insurance documents etc ready before the house went to market and saved time at sale time. We noticed as buyers that other agents never had this stuff ready when you asked. They were very friendly and kept in contact through out the sale procedure. They were very approachable people”

Aaron & Sarah Cassidy