Anita Middleton - Christchurch real estate agent only 1.5% commission

Anita Middleton

Introducing Anita Middleton:

Anita has been in real estate for 7 years, she has a background in retail and education as a teacher aide. She saw an opportunity to combine her passion for property with her people skills.

Ian spent 33 years in the construction industry as a carpenter before entering the real estate industry 5 years ago. He has hands-on experience in construction, which gives him valuable insights into the quality and value of properties.

Their dedication and passion lie in meeting new people, helping clients find the right home, and assisting them through the selling process. They understand that selling or buying property is a significant financial decision, and they strive to make the process stress-free and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Ian & Anita are known for their warm, friendly approach, honesty, and dedication, along with their genuine passion for helping others, make them reliable professionals in the industry. Whether you're buying or selling a property, Ian & Anita are committed to providing a positive and successful experience for you.


22 Mar 2024

“Great experience with Total Reality. A happy friendly couple that kept us up to date every step of the way.”


7 Mar 2024

“Ian and Anita are amazing. So very helpful, always available to discuss our many questions. The weekly reports were good and informative. I have and will totally recommend Ian and Anita and Total Realty to everyone.”


5 Feb 2024

“I was kept informed throughout the process. Very good.”


24 Jan 2024

“Team Middleton did a wonderful job - authentic and patient whilst getting the job done.”


13 Jan 2024

“First time for me. Would sell again with Tina and Ian.”


29 Oct 2023

“This is my fourth home I've sold and they would be one of the best agents I've ever had. Don't lose them they deserve a GOLD medal. Anita and Ian have such a lovely approach + honesty + loving, caring understanding they are absolutely fantastic people. Never met any other land agents like them. Everyone should have a land agent like them.”


17 Aug 2023

“The Middletons were professional yet caring, personable but not too familiar, discreet but not secretive and overall pleasant, helpful and considerate. They listened and acted promptly on what I asked and they communicated quickly and effectively.”