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We have sales people located in Christchurch (head office), Rangiora, Nelson, Richmond, Dunedin and Mosgiel. We are well placed to service the wider South Island regions.

If you are looking for a company with a proven track record of producing big results for a small fee, then you have come to the right place.

Rangiora - just 1% commission*

Total Realty is a leading and innovative company that provides a full and professional real estate sales service to the people of North Canterbury without charging an excessive commission.


Employed with Total Realty is a team of proven and experienced  real estate salespeople covering each and every division that operates within a successful real estate company. Our salespeople have on average over 10 years of experience and know how to achieve the best sale price for your home. Drop on in to our Rangiora office at 49 Blackett St and have a chat to our friendly team.

Total Realty is pleased to offer its services to Rangiora, Woodend, Kaiapoi, Oxford, Amberley, West Eyreton and surrounding areas.

Please note that a commission rate of 1.25% applies to areas outside of Rangiora, Woodend and Kaiapoi.

Our Rangiora Real Estate Salespeople

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Rangiora Savings Table

Sale Price of Home @ 3.95% @ 2.95% Total Realty 1% Fee
Commission Savings Commission Savings
$250,000 $11,989 $7,975 $9,045 $5,031 $4,014
$300,000 $14,260 $10,241 $10,741 $6,722 $4,019
$350,000 $16,531 $11,937 $12,437 $7,843 $4,594
$400,000 $18,803 $13,633 $14,019 $8,849 $5,169
$450,000 $19,953 $14,208 $15,140 $9,396 $5,744
$500,000 $21,103 $14,783 $16,261 $9,942 $6,319
$600,000 $23,403 $15,933 $18,504 $11,034 $7,469
$700,000 $25,703 $17,083 $20,746 $12,127 $8,619
$800,000 $28,003 $18,233 $22,989 $13,219 $9,769
$900,000 $30,303 $19,383 $25,231 $14,312 $10,919
$1,000,000 $32,603 $20,533 $27,474 $15,404 $12,069

“We found dealing with Total Realty to be a real pleasure. Extremely professional, honest, and always with our best interests at heart. The best company we have dealt with - more than highly recommend!”

Sam & Rosemary

“I have always had a strong distrust in real estate agents, but I was completely blown away at how honest our agent was and at the integrity of the whole company. When it came to the bottom line, the agent fetched more than what was estimated in my appraisals, not to mention taking a very reasonable fee. This company will be my first port of call. Thank you!”

M. Bell

“It's great to work with a Sales Consultant who is so dedicated to getting the best price for the seller. I will recommend Total Realty to anyone who is thinking of selling.”

W. Hogg

“This is the 9th time we have sold real estate and by far the best experience yet. Our agent was brilliant, professional, easy to deal with and I would happily recommend them. Loved the low fees too! Many thanks Total Realty.”

M. Silcock

“Every step of the sales process was made easy and pleasurable, our agent had exceptional knowledge and a warm personality. We were impressed with the use of the professional photographer. Advertising: great! Service: Top class!”

F. & M. Faulk