Alison McCallum - Christchurch real estate agent only 1.5% commission

Alison McCallum

Introducing Alison McCallum:

Alison is proud to be part of Total Realty.

Passionate and enthusiastic about real estate Alison will endeavour always to get the very best result for her Clients. She appreciates the importance of doing a job well and is committed to ensuring that she continually meets or exceeds Client and Customer expectations.

With more than a decade's experience in real estate, with a number of awards, Alison is proud to represent Total Realty in the Christchurch area.

Working out of our Christchurch office, whether you are listing or selling in the Christchurch region or not, Alison looks forward to hearing from you. 


12 Jun 2024

“Alison is brilliant....don't let her go anywhere....”


28 May 2024

“Alison did an amazing job selling my house. She was very committed, kept me informed of everything going on during the process and very easy to get on with. I highly recommend her for selling a property!”


13 Apr 2024

“Alison was very supportive and understanding of my situation and her enthusiasm for my place was so energising. She convinced me from the get go that we would get a great sale and then we did! She was very communicative, compassionate, and enjoyable to deal with. She’s a real asset to Total. Thanks again Alison!!”


29 Dec 2023

“I found it to be easy and the agent was able to get a sale in a short time.”


16 Aug 2023

“It was a nice change to have a down to earth relatable sales agent who wasn't pushy or aggressive. It was a pleasure to work with Alison and not someone straight out of high school, rather someone who clearly had the experience of an agent who knew her market and was able to achieve a successful sale based on an honest appraisal.”